CAA 2017 Mechanics, Mods and Mashups session

Our session of presentations, projects, play-testing, game pitches for CAA2017: March 14-16, 2017: ATLANTA Mechanics, Mods and Mashups: Games of the Past for the Future Designed by Archaeologists “I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire”: Ruin Interactions and Attitudes in Fallout-Emily Jean Booker Video games are a popular form of media, with over… Read More CAA 2017 Mechanics, Mods and Mashups session

report on trip to Italy, Malta (abridged)

Erik Champion was awarded a small school grant of $2000 to present conference papers at Genoa Italy in October 2016. GENOA ITALY He presented two conference papers which are now in the Eurographics Digital Library. Champion, Erik Malcolm; Qiang, Li; Lacet, Demetrius; Dekker, Andrew. in-world Telepresence With Camera-Tracked Gestural Interaction (The Eurographics Association, 2016) While… Read More report on trip to Italy, Malta (abridged)

CFP: PRESENCE Call for Papers – “VR/AR in Culture and Heritage” (deadline March 2017)

A new Call for Papers: This special issue will be highly interdisciplinary in nature, and submissions which promote collaboration between science and engineering and arts and humanities will be welcomed. The Call is attached in .pdf fom, and is also accessible from the PRESENCE home page: PRESENCE: Teleoperators and Virtual Environments An MIT Press… Read More CFP: PRESENCE Call for Papers – “VR/AR in Culture and Heritage” (deadline March 2017)

Digra2015 paper in TODIGRA journal

Free online at Worldfulness, Role-enrichment & Moving Rituals: ABSTRACT Roles and rituals are essential for creating, situating and maintaining cultural practices. Computer Role-Playing games (CRPGs) and virtual online worlds that appear to simulate different cultures are well known and highly popular. So it might appear that the roles and rituals of traditional cultures are easily… Read More Digra2015 paper in TODIGRA journal

New Journal Article Published

I have a new article out online: Digital humanities is text heavy, visualization light, and simulation poor, Digital Scholarship in the Humanities, Oxford Journals, DOI: First published online: 11 November 2016. Issue , 7 November 2016. Abstract This article examines the question of whether Digital Humanities has given too much focus to text… Read More New Journal Article Published