08-Apr-19 gone KU Leuven 6th Unesco UNITWIN conference 2019-Value of heritage for tourism Leuven Belgium
15-Apr-19 gone CAADRIA Intelligent and informed Wellington NZ
24-Apr-19 CIFA2019 Leeds UK
24-Apr-19 14-Oct-18 CAA2019 Comp. Apps & Quantitative Methods in Archaeology Kraków Poland
29-Apr-19 gone WASSH2019 WA State Heritage and History conference: “Handled with care” Perth Australia
04-May-19 gone CHI2019 Weaving the Threads of CHI (altchi papers) Glasgow UK
06-May-19 A&T2019 Archaeology and tourism Zagreb, Croatia
14-Jun-19 UNESCO MEET Unesco chairs meeting CANBERRA Australia
23-Jun-19 01-Feb-19 ILRN2019 immersive Learning Research Network (iLRN) London UK
26-Jun-19 15-Jan-19 CAADFutures2019 Hello, Culture! Daejeon South Korea
08-Jul-19 28-Feb-19 AHA Australian Hist Assoc:Local communities, global networks Toowoomba Australia
09-Jul-19 27-Nov-18 DH2019 Digital Humanities Utrecht Netherlands
06-Aug-19 05-Feb-19 DiGRA2019 ‘Game, Play and the Emerging Ludo Mix’ Kyoto Japan
01-Sep-09 28-Feb-19 ICOM Museums and Cultural Heritage as Cultural Hubs Kyoto Japan
01-Sep-19 22-Feb-19 CIPA19 CIPA – International Committee of Architectural Photogrammetry Avila Spain
06-Sep-19 ? WAHS WA Historical Society Perth Australia
03-Oct-19 14-Mar-19 ECGBL European Conference on Games Based Learning Odense Denmark
07-Oct-19 31-Jan-19 JohnRuskin John Ruskin’s Europe Venice Italy
11-Oct-19 Art and communities “Art and Communities”: European models of audience engagement and social inclusion Turin Italy
15-Oct-19 arts and cultural management European models of audience engagement and social inclusion Venice Italy
15-Oct-19 CST2019 Cultural Sustainable tourism Molise, Italy
22-Oct-19 01-Apr-19 CHIPLAY Chi play Barcelona Spain
17-Nov-19 ? SiggraphAsia Siggraph Asia 19 Brisbane Australia
16-Dec-19 ? TAG19 Theoretical Archaeology London UK
06-Jul-20 ? WAC#9 World Archaeological Congress Prague, Czech Republic
22-Jul-20 ? DH2020 Digital Humanities Ottawa Canada
01-Oct-20 ? ICOMOS2020 ICOMOS WORLD 2020 Sydney Australia

3 thoughts on “CFP

    1. hi no I don’t know, I suggest you subscribe or ask the organizers. From memory the submission date is something like 6-9 months before ( i.e. a long time) but I have no idea about interact 2013 apart from it is probably way too early still as it starts 2 September 2013.

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