1. Paper to present sometime over 3-6 July in Salzburg for GI Forum: DH special session.
  2. Contracted by IUP to write a book on virtual places. Reviewed, second review.
  3. Contracted by Routledge to write an edited book on Phenomenology, and Virtual Place. Currently being reviewed.
  4. Contracted by Routledge to write a book on Nordic architectural history.
  5. Developing  linkage application on critical scholarly making & GLAM makerspaces.
  6. Developing Grant application in a specific heritage and evaluation area with museum staff and colleagues.
  7. Asked to write a chapter on games and art history (2018).
  8. 2017: A GIS project and a AR project granted funds to proceed this year.
    • Leveraging Low-Cost and Free Linked Open Data and Hybrid GIS/3D For Cultural Heritage Visualisation: Investigate the use of Pelagios Framework (, an online portal that can combine maps, charts, documents, pictures and dynamic data, to create interactive visualisations and predictive cartographic analysis tools. Paper then journal at GI-Forum Digital Humanities (special session), Salzburg July 2018.
    • HoloLens and Meta HMD Augmented Reality Heritage Trail comparison study: A simple digital 3D environment prototype which reveals cultural heritage assets, artefacts and landmarks when viewed inside a portable head-mounted display (HMD) or augmented reality HMD. Workshop in Ballarat in May 2018.

  9. 2018: Two small grants to develop gesture-based interactive environments, will be helped by intern student from France.
    • Curtin Institute for Computation (CIC) Grant: Next Generation Gestural-based VR with Open Source Natural User Interface Frameworks.
      Test new open source frameworks to control low-cost motion sensing cameras (that have replaced the Kinect cameras v1 and v2); extend the platform of previous work (undertaken with software engineering students in 2017) to develop simpler graphical user interfaces for 2D and 3D virtual environments; and create test-bed examples.
    •  Curtin Institute for Computation (CIC) Grant: Dumb but Uncanny and Intuitive?  This project will employ microcontrollers hidden in objects as physical icons (phycons), then create bitalino (biofeedback /medical with Arduino) and connect them to a 3D printed robot that the Library Makerspace has purchased.
  10. Primary supervisor of 4 PhD students (Panoramic film-making and LARP; Domestic Violence and interactive narrative/serious game; 2D-3D Map Infrastructures; Augmented Reality and Historic Journeys) and secondary supervisor of 3 others (Unity-based multimedia Middle East heritage and design activism; Panoramic tour of a museum collection; Design activation, youth engagement and museum spaces). Secondary supervisor of masters student in Library and Information Studies (Minecraft and Library skills).


  • Grant application to write grant application on interactive fiction, 3D, film tourism.
  • Grant application in the architecture and digital heritage space.
  • Grant application on humanities mapping.
  • Book chapter on 3D modeling and infrastructure out any day I hope!





  • West Australian Network for Dissemination WAND grant offered, role of advisor:  (submission by Michael Ovens, CI., UWA). A project on game-based motion capture, diplomacy and sword play. See Michael’s blog
  • Helped Curtin Univeristy Library organise a one-day Cultural Makathon (hackathon), Curtin Makerspace, 11 November 2016 as well as the GLAMVR day of talks and workshops.
  • 2 presentations in Genoa (Graphics and Cultural Heritage 2016), also Venice and Malta in October.
  • Journal article for Digital Scholarship in the Humanities, “Digital Humanities is Text-heavy, Visualization-light and Simulation-poor” chosen from Digital Humanities 2015 Conference, Sydney.
  • Wrote article with about 7 others on archaeology and games for SAA Forum, edited by Colleen Morgan, York University. Accepted.
  • Organised one day talks and workshops on GLAMVR thanks to MCCA School strategic grant.
  • Invited to present (virtually or physically) at UCLA Los Angeles June 2016: Advanced Challenges in Theory and Practice in 3D Modeling of Cultural Heritage Sites.
  • Invited to Netherlands 4-5 April 2016 for the Value:Interactive Pasts conference.
  • Won summer intern scholarship for Minecraft project with Curtin Library.
  • 4 December-invited to Mexico for conference on digital heritage, organised  by INAH. While there presenting at 2 universities and visiting 2  more. Currently writing up speech.
  • Presented at CHCD Conference Tsinghua China.
  • Presented at Heritage Interfaces conference, NUS Singapore.


  • Invited to Malta 3-4 September, presented virtually.
  • Invited to Delphi for keynote, VAMCT 2015, 23-26 September 2015. Currently writing up journal article.
  • Invited to present (virtually or physically) at USA-based summer school (June 2015 and 2016): Advanced Challenges in Theory and Practice in 3D Modeling of Cultural Heritage Sites.
  • Project on motion tracking and Chinese cultural heritage with Li Qiang (Shenyang Aerospace University, visiting fellow). He presented on this and other projects at Chinese DIGRA, 11-12 July 2013.
  • Co-edited special issue of Entertainment Computing on Serious Games with Tim Marsh and Helmut Hlavacs. Call is out!
  • Finished a book on Critical Gaming and Digital Humanities for Ashgate’s Digital Research in the Arts & Humanities Series. In press.
  • Invited to talk at the Digital Humanities Pedagogies colloquium run by Dr Thomas Apperley, UNSW Sydney Friday 26 June.
  • Received small grant and iVEC summer intern scholarship to create motion tracked 3D surround environment presentation platform. Presentation by student in February. Discussed it at Digital Heritage 3D representation in Aarhus.
  • Invited to the LEAP (LEarning of Archaeology through Presence) project seminar at Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, May 18.
  • Panel presentations and talks for SIMTECT 2014 Adelaide, Digital Humanities Congress, and for talk in September at the University of Pisa, Italy, in November at Macquarie University Intelligent Agents Workshop, CITS Symposium China and in December for Critical Heritage.
  • To prepare journal article based on our successful Birds of a Feather session at Digital Humanities Australia.
  • Wrote a chapter (in press) for a book on virtual heritage and Egyptian archaeology, for Bloomsbury Publishing, edited by Jeffrey Jacobson and Robyn Gillam, expected publication  2015.
  • Book chapters for Shenzhen (Blue Book), Springer


  • WInner in the Aspire Awards,  funding to lobby for a major conference in next 3 years in Perth.
  • Presentation at Culture+8 conference (to be book chapter), and Asia and Pacific seminars at Curtin, 22 May, the HIVE.
  • Prepared two talks for Berkeley and one for Naval Postgraduate School, San Francisco and Monterey, California.
  • Helped WA universities win bid to host world wide web 2017 conference.
  • Wrote project bid/outline for Digital Heritage Centre in the Middle East.
  • ARC Future Fellowship grant, ARC Linkage grant (not successful), LIEF grant.


  • Grants to host four visiting fellows to Curtin. They all arrived and departed in November (two left in December). Start of grant and paper writing process, two talks were given, by Dr Jeffrey Jacobson and by Dr Rob Warren.
  • Involved in a COST project (but on moving to Australia had to relinquish my involvement)
  • Helped Aarhus negotiate a 1.3 million USD project with the Mellon Foundation and Paris Universities but that will probably go onto someone else.
  • Selection panel/writing for PhD scholarship holder in Virtual Culture at the University of Aarhus.
  • Final book chapter version published in The Oxford Handbook of Virtuality.
  • Invited to speak at King’s College London, University of Pisa, and University of Jyväskylä (2 day workshop?) in 2013.
  • Part of team writing DARIAH VCC2 poster at Digital Humanities 2013 in Paris, selected for Journal of Digital Humanities.

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