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Kinect GUI for Minecraft and others..

In Semester 1 (March to June) and from July Karen Miller of the Library Makerspace and Information Studies and myself are ‘clients’ for Curtin software engineering students. Their brief is to build a flexible Graphic User Interface (GUI) that connects the Microsoft Kinect 1 camera to various game engines like Minecraft so that non-programmers can easily select and modify their own gestures to a command library in the virtual world/game level.

The forerunner of this project coded by Jaiyi Zhu was cited in the NMC Technology Outlook Horizon Report. Dr Andrew Woods, HIVE manager wrote:

Congratulations Karen Miller, Erik Champion and Jaiyi Zhu on having their work cited in the NMC Technology Outlook Horizon Report < https://t.co/YeZMHU76gI >
This project was supported by the 2015 HIVE Summer Internship Program and I’m very happy this great project and Jiayi’s hard work is being acknowledged. https://maker.library.curtin.edu.au/2016/02/19/minecraft-edu-in-the-library-makerspace/


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