upcoming book “Critical Gaming and Digital Humanities”..what have I missed?

I have been sent a book contract for the above, to be published in the Ashgate Digital Research in the Arts and Humanities series in 2014. I would like to thank the editor Dymphna Evans, and the anonymous reviewers, for some excellent suggestions.

Chapters that we agreed I would write on are as follows. Feel free to add comments on any major chapters or issues that I should focus on, have missed etc.

1.     The Limits of Text in Teaching the Humanities
2.     Game-based Learning and the Digital Humanities
3.     Simulating Culture and Ritual
4.     Fiction Eats Fact: Dilemmas in Virtual Heritage and Digital Archaeology
5.     The Joysticks of Death and Destruction: Violence Morality
6.     Virtual Reality, Visualization, and the Video Game
7.     The Body and the Brain as Game Controller
8.     Interactive Drama and Storytelling
9.     Gaming in the Classroom
10.  Conclusion: Reflective Game Design

2 thoughts on “upcoming book “Critical Gaming and Digital Humanities”..what have I missed?

  1. update: i had approached two publishers for the above book, and one could not get back to me in time, which is a shame. I suggested to them that I edit an interactive virtual heritage resource-book with different content, using the latest publishing and web technology, have not heard back so far. So the above book will focus more on game design and some partially philosophical issues.

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