Interactive diagrams in online slides

I have been thinking that I should have the above in future presentations.What to use? Inside you can use code (frames etc) so why not try:

Smoothly animate thousands of points with HTML5 Canvas and D3
Peter Beshai (16 Mar 2017 blog post)


Quora – What are the pros/cons of webgl?
For those burnt in the past by VRML and propietary 3D web plugins (Adobe Atmosophere, Google Lively et al), this is a good place to start.
One question nearly keeping me up at night (but overshadowed by the unpredictable demands of a two year old) is how do you get around using a technology to design 3D virtual places despite the technology (html 5) not having a physics engine? For virtual heritage I think it is it an interesting question and it can be answered.