3D Digital Heritage: Exploring Virtual Research Space for Art History, Berlin

This week on Monday and Tuesday (19-20 June 2017) ran the 3D Digital Heritage Exploring Virtual Research Space for Art History conference at Humboldt University.

I was an invited keynote along with Frederic Kaplan of EPFL Lausanne Switzerland, and I’d like again to thank Piotr Kuroczynski of the Herder Institute (previously at Herder Institute, now at Mainz University of Applied Sciences) and Georg Schelbert at Humboldt University Berlin, for inviting me.

View from hotel: Fernsehturm (Television Tower) central Berlin, Germany. Near Alexanderplatz


The last session for Tuesday was in German but they graciously let me visit the Pergamon museum. Simply breathtaking collection.

Ishtar Gate, Eighth Gate to Babylon, 575 BCE, King Nebuchadnezzar II, Pergamon Museum

Oh and the Library at Humboldt University was something special!

Humboldt University Library, Berlin, by Max Dudler, 2009

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