Event: 3D applied to historical sciences

La 3D appliquée aux sciences historiques États des lieux, pratiques et outils pour l’acquisition, la modélisation et la présentation de modèles tridimensionnels (3D applied to historical sciences, State of the art, practices and tools for acquiring, modelling and presenting tri-dimensional models).

On the occasion of Prof.H. Maschner’s (USF CVAST, Tampa, USA) and Prof. M. Callieri’s (Visual-Computing Lab, CNR, Pisa, Italy) visits, the laboratories from the french CNRS ArScAn and Trajectoires, and the Université Paris 1 Pantheon- Sorbonne, wished to hold two days of study about 3D data, its practices and tools for acquisition, modelling and presentation of tri-dimensional models in the field of historical sciences.
Interventions will have a length of around 50min and will share a common structure:
– a short presentation of the team of research
– a long presentation of the projects, finished or still undergoing, with an emphasis on the scientific context and questions, the methodology, the technologies chosen, the solutions found and, last but not least, the difficulties encountered.
Based on these interventions, we will discuss the various practices and uses that can be done with these methodologies and the data which are produced by it.

Interventions will be done in French or in English.

URL: https://iscpif.fr/upcomingevents/journees-detude-sur-la-3d-appliquee-aux-sciences-historiques/

Date: 24 & 25 April 2017, Salle de conférence de l’ISC (Institute of Complex Systems) http://www.iscpif.fr/, Paris, France.

I have been asked to teleconference in, looks interesting!


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