Updated Call For Papers page

The new CFPs are here.

Major conferences include

Site Title Location
www2017 World Wide Web 2017 posters and workshops and alt tracks Perth Australia
Technoheritage Science & Technology for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage Cádiz Spain
web3D world wide web 3D Brisbane Australia
DPASSH2017 Preserving Abundance: The Challenge of Saving Everything(sp, w) Brighton UK
CDH Centre of Digital Heritage Leiden Netherlands
ilrn2017 immersive Learning Research Network (iLRN) Special tracks Coimbra Portugal
CC2017 ACM Creativity and Cognition Singapore
DiGRA2017 Digital Games (workshops, papers due 26/02/2017) Melbourne Australia
UNESCO-WHC World Humanities Conference Lieges Belgium
DH2017 Digital humanities workshops: Access/Accès Montreal Canada
CIPA 2017 Digital Workflows for Heritage Conservation Carleton Canada
DCH2017 Digital Cultural Heritage Berlin Germany
ASA2017 Diverse Worlds, Australian Society of Archivists Melbourne Australia
HASTAC17 The Possible Worlds of Digital Humanities Orlando Florida
DH2018 Digital Humanities 2018 Mexico

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