CFPs for August 2016

17-Nov-16 19-Aug-16 DIGRAA2016 Digital Games Research Association Australasia Melbourne Australia
31-Jan-17 22-Aug-16 ACSW2017 Australasian Computer Science Week 2017 Geelong Australia
14-Mar-17 26-Aug-16 CAA2017 Digital Archaeologies Material Worlds (call for sessions) Atlanta Georgia USA
19-Dec-16 31-Aug-16 TAG Theoretical Archaeology Group – “Visualisation” sessions Southampton UK
27-Nov-16 01-Sep-16 VICTA Visions on Internet o f Cultural Things and Applications Naples Italy
15-Feb-17 01-Sep-16 MuseumNext MuseumNext Melbourne Australia
06-May-17 14-Sep-16 chi2017 Computer Human Interaction Denver Colorado USA
25-May-17 30-Sep-16 otsf The Archaeology of Sound: a Bridge that Connects Cultures, Time & Space Malta
24-Apr-17 07-Oct-16 EG2017 Eurographics 2017 Lyons France
03-Mar-17 09-Oct-16 AMC IUI intelligent user interfaces Limassol Cyprus
03-Apr-17 19-Oct-16 www2017 World Wide Web 2017 Perth Australia
10-May-17 01-Nov-16 2D+3D photo 2D+3D photography Rijksmuseum, Netherlands
20-May-17 15-Nov-16 Technoheritage Science & Technology for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage Cádiz Spain
01-Aug-17 21-Nov-16 ISEA2017 International Symposium on Electronic Art Manizales, Columbia
27-Jun-17 06-Jan-17 CC2017 ACM Creativity and Cognition Singapore
28-Aug-17 01-Feb-17 CIPA 2017 Digital Workflows for Heritage Conservation Carleton Canada
30-Aug-17 27-Mar-17 DCH2017 Digital Cultural Heritage Berlin Germany
15-Jun-17 ? CDH Centre of Digital Heritage Leiden Netherlands
26-Jun-17 ? ilrn2017 immersive Learning Research Network (iLRN Coimbra Portugal
10-Jul-17 ? DiGRA2017 Digital Games Melbourne Australia
08-Aug-17 ? DH2017 Digital Humanities 2017: Access Montreal Canada
02-Nov-17 ? HASTAC17 The Possible Worlds of Digital Humanities Orlando Florida
24-Jun-18 ? DH2018 Digital Humanities 2018 Mexico

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