issues about history and heritage games

Right now it really seems to me self-evident that our field is missing focused dialogue.
It would have saved me quite some time as a PhD student and designer (and evaluator) to find an edited book where authors discuss a single problem in creating history and heritage inside a game or game-like experience.

On reading it seems to me a major problem is agency. Matthew Tyler-Jones is I think correct to say that a magical component of games is that it is really about us (the player). I think I am also right in saying this is a problem with history-based games (the historical world is not just about you, an individual). And it is also a problem with virtual worlds that also wish to be experienced as games.

So agency is one chapter issue.
Another is mechanics.
A third might be aesthetics: designers always want reconstructions to be immersive, artistically impressive etc. A fourth might be about missing or uncertain knowledge.
A fifth might be about extensibility and preservation.
A sixth might be about personalisation.
A seventh might revolve around: what are we really learning here…

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