Image Recognition / Search Applications

I was asked yesterday if there are applications that can recognise and catalogue images, particularly of buildings.

Years ago I proposed a simpler (ontology reductive) system for tourism so I have an interest in uses for this technology but I am not in this field.
Nevertheless, a quick search found these links. No guarantees but some of the tools look very interesting indeed:

Firstly, an overview:
List of 14+ Image Recognition APIs

Most famous applications that as far as I know only search (and don’t categorise) from your photograph to what may match on the Web:
Google Goggles

More details:
Of course the way forward for entire scenes courtesy of Google + Stanford:
NB does not appear suitable here

For general purposes this looks promising

If you wish the app to automatically sort and tag images (so that adatabase can automatically order them) do you have a developer?

Besides you can also check out (and thanks to Quora):

NB Diego Jiménez-Badillo, Mario Canul Ku, Salvador Ruíz-Correa, Rogelio Hashimoto-Beltrán have created a 3D version: “A machine learning approach for 3D shape analysis and recognition of archaeological objects


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