Why Learning Can’t Be “Like a Video Game”

I think this is a thought-provoking article but it is hamstrung by its implicit definition of “immersive”


One of the projects I’m working on with French colonial history scholar Susan Peabody this semester at WSU is building a virtual, wiki-based museum with her students in a history course. We’re using a Wikity-based WordPress template to do it, and while we’re not utilizing the forking elements in it, we’re actually finding the Markdown + card-based layout combo to be super easy for the students to master. It’s honestly been encouraging to see that while I still don’t have the forking and subscription in Wikity quite where I want it, it actually makes a kick-ass WordPress wiki. I should probably write about that at some point.

But what I wanted to talk about today was an excellent article Sue shared with me. It’s one she had her students read, and it helped crystallize some of my ambivalence around virtual reality.


The 2004 article, Forum: history and the Web: From the…

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