Minecraft in Stereo and camera-adjusted for a curved screen

Problem: We have a Kinect+Minecraft prototype but no code to calibrate it for a curved or cylindrical screen.

If Java and Open GL the minecraft prototype might work to run it in stereo

What is the current version of Minecraft? Java (OpenGL) or Minecraft Win10 (Pocket edition) Direct X 12?
I have just been told our version uses Java, One good bit of news for the day!
My hunch is the Open GL code from Charles Henden‘s project https://www.academia.edu/1003311/A_Surround_Display_Warp-Mesh_Utility_to_Enhance_Player_Engagement)
will allow us to run a Minecraft mod on a curved (or even asymmetrical) screen. But only in Open GL.
Combining that with stereo may pose more challenges but even reconfigurable surface warping would be a great start. However I have been reminded not to use the word warp for this, true, it is adjusting the camera for a half-cylindrical screen:


Decisions, decisions.
And there is still projection mapping to be considered! Like


Oh and maybe it is time to develop our own portable curved screen. Is stereo 3D necessary? Hmm…


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