CFPs with deadlines in next few months

07-May-16 07-Jan-16 CHI2016 chi4good late breaking work San Jose USA
04-Jun-16 10-Jan-16 DIS2016 Designing Interactive Systems:FUSE Brisbane Australia
07-Jun-17 16-Jan-16 SAH2017 Society of Architectural Historians Glasgow Scotland
01-Jun-16 18-Jan-16 MAB2016 Media Architecture Biennale (with VIVID) Sydney Australia
24-Jul-16 18-Jan-16 SIGGRAPH SIGGRAPH 2016 Anaheim USA
28-Jun-16 24-Jan-16 Game History Preserving / Extending / Remixing Play Montreal Canada
01-Aug-16 29-Jan-16 DiGRA2016 DiGRA2016 Dundee Scotland UK
04-Apr-16 31-Jan-16 Value Interactive Pasts:Exploring the intersections of archaeology & video games Leiden, The Netherlands
05-Jul-16 03-Feb-16 AHA2016 AHA 2016: From Boom to Bust Ballarat Australia
29-Jun-16 15-Feb-16 ICLI2016 International Conference on Live Interfaces Sussex England
05-Sep-16 15-Feb-16 Arqueológica 2.0 3D doc modelling & recon of cultural heritage objects Valencia, Spain
12-Jul-16 17-Feb-16 DH2016 Digital Humanities Workshops Only Cracow Poland
30-Jun-16 28-Feb-16 ARKDIS Archaeological Information in the Digital Society Uppsala Sweden
28-Nov-16 29-Feb-16 IKUWA06 underwater archaeology Perth Australia
05-Sep-16 15-Mar-16 TPDL2016 Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries (TPDL) Hannover Germany
06-Oct-16 17-Mar-16 ecgbl2016 Games-Based Learning Un WS Scotland
07-Sep-16 25-Mar-16 VS-GAMES Virtual Worlds and Games for Serious Applications Barcelona Spain
31-Oct-16 02-May-16 euromed digital heritage Lemossos Cyprus
15-Oct-16 15-May-16 GCH2016 Graphics and Cultural Heritage (tbc) Genoa Italy
30-Oct-16 01-Jun-16 VSMM2016 Virtual Systems and Multimedia (tbc) Kuala Lumpa Malaysia
27-Jun-16 15-Nov-16 ILRN Immersive Learning Research Conference: The Versatilist Santa Barbara USA
11-Apr-16 22-Dec-16 www2016 world wide web workshops Montreal Canada

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