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What has pushed me towards Open Access, or at least, more open and scholar friendly publications

I was asked to help manage a special session of Entertainment Computing on Entertainment in Serious Games and Entertaining Serious Purposes, UTS, Sydney 2014.
Then I was asked to help edit a special issue of Entertainment Computing on Serious Games. I accepted, nice people.
My paper “Entertaining The Similarities And Distinctions Between Serious Games and Virtual Heritage Projects” also went through review (by reviewers unknown) and after some serious defense of my essay which I think is relevant to virtual heritage people in general, it was accepted.
And now today Elsevier the publisher asked me to sign online forms.
This is what dumbfounded me:

Open Access: No, I do not want to publish my article gold open access, and would like my final published article to be immediately available to all subscribers.

I have to sign this and agree to this, OR pay. No alternatives.
I do want my journal article to be open access but as I helped edit the special issue FOR FREE, wrote the article FOR FREE, and have to sign away all my rights to a journal publisher that did nothing except create a huge amount of work for me, I am rather UPSET that I am forced to sign that I DON’T WANT OPEN ACCESS. I do, I JUST DON”T WANT TO PAY FOR IT.

So if you are reading this Elsevier, I suggest you change your dictatorial and deliberately misconstruing forms. I suggest you give people more options AT THE START.

With a profit from 2014 of 955 million pounds ($1.27 billion) and 1.18 billion pounds the year before, I think you can afford to!

It saddens me that there are no established open access journals in my research area of virtual heritage (well, unless the author pays for it).
But I will keep looking.


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