are there open access virtual heritage/digital archaeology journals?

Not so many virtual heritage open access journals (help me here!) but there are various open access archaeology journals:

  • The open access archaeology journal I first knew of (around 2004 I think I first heard of it?) does have Author Processing Charges (APC) and I don’t know the cost of APC (I assume it varies based on page count) but it does also include 3D media asset. Now “All our content is Open Access”.
  • Now there is also Open Archaeology which only issues once per year, and accepts many graphic formats (but not 3D?) but what interested me was this request:It is important that authors include a cover letter with their manuscript. Please explain why you consider your manuscript as suitable for publication in the Journal, why will your paper inspire the other members of your field, and how will it drive research forward. However, there is a pricing paragraph on the right. Most confusing, is it open access and authors pay? In passing, there is an interesting issue entitled Topical Issue on Challenging Digital Archaeology.
  • There is also a wider ranging series of open access journals in ancient studies. I note also the open access and free articles in the JOURNAL OF ANCIENT HISTORY AND ARCHAEOLOGY.
  • Frontiers in Digital Humanities is not archaeology-specific but does have a digital archaeology section so deserves a mention.As it includes experimental work I am not sure how it is rated as a quality journal output by educational institutes (Indexed in: Google Scholar, CrossRef) but in Australia very few open access journals in any field (especially Digital Humanities!) seem to receive the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) rating anyway! Frontiers have a tiered reader-decided impact-led publication system which I find rather interesting if puzzling.
  • There is also Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry Journal, which is a little more wide ranging, I believe, than the title suggests (although there is obviously an emphasis on the Mediterranean region) . It has been free open access PDF articles since 2014, and is issued three times a year.
  • American Journal of Archaeology is open access but only for book reviews, review articles, editorials etc. Eprint articles can be stored in an institutional repository.
  • There is also the Open Access Journal: Virtual Archaeology Review.
  • Doug’s archaeology blog lists archaeology journals and open access journals.
  • Please also consider the Journal of Contemporary Archaeology – looks interesting! “Journal of Contemporary Archaeology is the first dedicated, international, peer-reviewed journal to explore archaeology’s specific contribution to understanding the present and recent past.” It features both open access and subscription access.
  • For more general publishing outlets in archaeology please consider these resources
  • Finally, I’d like to mention The Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press including Digital Archaeology such as open access issue/proceedings (?) Archaeology 2.0. Open Access in general? I hope so!

Digital Heritage/Virtual Heritage Open Access Journals? A work-on! I wonder if there is enough of a market to push for a virtual heritage open access journal or if it is more realistic to dock such an idea under the arm of a more general archaeology or heritage open access journal.

For more game-related articles there is the Journal of Virtual Worlds Research (but I don’t know if they still have APC); Game Studies and Eludamos. Journal for Computer Game Culture, and so on.

2 thoughts on “are there open access virtual heritage/digital archaeology journals?

  1. Hi Erik,

    I got a ping because you linked to my list. That list is horribly out of date. I am in the process of updating a searchable list here-

    It will have journals that you are looking for like-

    Virtual Archaeology Review -
    Comechingonia Virtual Revista Electrónica de Arqueología -

    I am in the process of updating the website which should be done at the end of the month and you will be able to find lots more Open Access journals. The old list had 200+ journals. The updated one is already at 400+ and I am only about half way through.


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