Ideas workpad

I am not even sure (given my current role) I am allowed to put in proposals for our internal strategic round but hey! Research ideation is fun and I should start seeking out NGOS and ICT companies on

  1. Environment: the full surround 2 person immersive environment developed with Paul Bourke of University of Western Australia (time to scope it back and provide scenarios and re-budget the original estimates)
  2. Mapping: the A5 device-sized hybrid 2D/3D mapping system prototype I had at in 2001(!) at the University of Melbourne
  3. Presentation tool: talk to Google or Microsoft about the semi-immersive and mimetic-friendly motion and gesture controlled 3D world/tele presentation device (I think it is a good PhD project)
  4. Lit survey: a survey of virtual heritage worlds, their format, data, and provenance info—where are they? What are they? Possibly a masters project
  5. ToolEnvironment: A sensor of things built into props for archaeological role playing or LARP (head controlled). Have the psychologist contact.
  6. Historic RPG: The cultural turing test (time to build a historical prototype!) Needs more historic scenarios than just Marco Polo, Vasco de Gama and Richard Burton (no not him, the explorer), Louis de Freycinet’s wife,
  7. Tool/App: Historic Shipwrecks and Augmented Reality
  8. Training: (English) Training materials for CHESS and for APA reusable game – could be Masters I guess or if I have time..what other interaction strategies work best with heritage artefacts and AR?
  9. Environment/Arch-gaming: Minecraft and Arduino (not but something else!) and Darth Vader’s skill Have the psychologist connection again.
  10. n.b. the Mauritius-Curtin connection to Ashmore is fascinating ((, time to re-explore cultural geography, interface design and gamic historic adventures

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