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International CIPA Summerschool, 12-19 July 2015, Paestum (Italy)

The CIPA (http://cipa.icomos.org) summer school on “Cultural Heritage 3D Surveying and Modeling” gives the opportunity to scholars, PhD students, researchers and specialists in the surveying and heritage fields to deepen their knowledge and expertise with reality-based 3D modeling techniques. The summer school consists of theoretical lectures (surveying, photogrammetry, active sensors, etc.) and practical work, in the field and in the lab. The participants will learn the basics in surveying and data acquisition (with digital cameras, laser scanning sensors and UAV platforms) as well as practice with data processing methods for 3D models and metric products generation. The summer school is organized within the research project PAESTUM (http://paestum.fbk.eu/) and by CIPA within its dissemination and technology transfer activities and with the financial support of the CIPA sustaining members. VENUE: The location of the school is Paestum, 50 km south of Salerno (Italy). Paestum can be reached by car or train. The closest international airports are Rome or Naples. The event will take place in the Hotel Villa Rita (http://www.hotelvillarita.it) and inside the archaeological area and museum of Paestum (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paestum). REGISTRATION FEE and PARTICIPATION: The registration fee for the participation is 600 Eur. The fee includes: lecture material, entrance to the site and museum, full-board hotel, welcome party, social dinner. For the participation, please send a CV to Fabio Remondino – remondinobefore June 5th, 2015. The max number of participants is 24. The participant selection will be done according to the CV and order of arrival of the request.

URL: http://paestum.fbk.eu/node/14


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