next trip: Digital Densities, Melbourne, 26-27 March 2015

Digital Densities 
A symposium examining relations between material cultures and digital data
26th – 27th March 2015, The University of Melbourne.

Hosted by the Digital Humanities Incubator (DHI) in the School of Culture and Communication, University of Melbourne.

Presenters include Sarah Kenderdine, Paul Arthur, Erik Champion, Miguel Escobar, Rachel Fensham, Gillian Russell, Nick Thieberger and Deb Verhoeven.

  • Keynote Address: Prof. Sarah Kenderdine. Thursday 26th March 2015, 6-8pm McMahon Ball Theatre, Old Arts Building
  • Registration 8.45am.
  • Friday 27th March 2015, 9am – 5.30pm Linkway, 4th Floor John Medley Building

Admission is free. Bookings are Required. Seating is limited.

My abstract (and I am happy to meet and network with people the day before):

Title: Intangible Heritage, Material Culture and Digital Futures
Our experience with the material culture of situated heritage is typically embodied, personal, and unique. On the other hand, our literary understanding of the past as developed through reading of scholarly texts is typically linear, monovocal, and aplatial.  Our experience and our literary understanding are two modes of knowledge that seldom meet.
Digital humanities has/have promised to provide alternative visions to metanarrative, to frozen information, and to disembodied experiences. Digital technology has offered to destroy distance and difference. My research on the other hand, aims to restore an appreciation of distance and difference, though creating cultural constraints in immersive visualizations through both the limitations and affordances of digital technologies. Now I have proposed to UNESCO to combine game engine capabilities and consumer-level capture technologies with open access 3D cultural heritage content in new and community-maintained online archives. Can this project provide material weight to the virtual?


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