Publishing in digital heritage and related areas

Due to my current role I have to help grade journals, so as a bit of a test, I had a look at the h index and SJR value of journals roughly in my area (areas?) of research.I used SJR and Google Scholar metrics. They calculate h value differently (the latter has an h5 for 5 years rating) but it was interesting to compare. Individual conferences can score highly but are hard to compare to journals as they appear to be often rated individually rather than as a series. SIGGRAPH is one of the exceptions (Google, SCIMAGOJR) but compare to CHI (google, SCIMAGOJR?)

SJR (SCImago Journal Rank) indicator: It expresses the average number of weighted citations received in the selected year by the documents published in the selected journal in the three previous years, –i.e. weighted citations received in year X to documents published in the journal in years X-1, X-2 and X-3. See detailed description of SJR PDF.

H Index: The h index expresses the journal’s number of articles (h) that have received at least h citations. It quantifies both journal scientific productivity and scientific impact and it is also applicable to scientists, countries, etc. (see H-index wikipedia definition).

TARGETED JOURNALS H-index SJR Google tag h5
New Media and Society 46 2.14 45
Journal of Computer mediated communication 64 1.96 36
Cultural Geographies 28 1.46 18
Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory 27 1.06 13
Critical Inquiry 29 1.02 17
International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 76 0.99 33
Media, Culture & Society 32 0.96 24
games and culture 23 0.75 21
Journal of Cultural Heritage 29 0.68 19
International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction 35 0.62 25
Critical Studies in Media Communication 25 0.62 13
MIT Presence 59 0.55 18
Simulation & Gaming 32 0.45 25
International Journal of Heritage studies 16 0.42 14
International Journal of Heritage in the Digital Era 16 0.42 6
International Journal of Architectural Computing 4 0.42 10
Virtual Reality 24 0.40 15
Space and Culture 16 0.38 13
Entertainment Computing (journal, conference) 7 0.35 10
Journal of Computing and Cultural Heritage 8 0.32 ?
Digital Creativity 8 0.29 10
Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds 32 0.27 15
game studies 13 0.19 ?
Internet Archaeology 2 0.10 ?
CHI conference Computer Human Interaction 78

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