My 2015 Virtual heritage writings

Critical Gaming: Interactive History and Virtual Heritage

Ashgate publishing will produce this 240 page 28 black and white illustrations hardcover book written by me in September (or possibly August):

“This book explains how designing, playing and modifying computer games, and understanding the theory behind them, can strengthen the area of digital humanities. This book aims to help digital humanities scholars understand both the issues and also advantages of game design, as well as encouraging them to extend the field of computer game studies, particularly in their teaching and research in the field of virtual heritage.”




  • Digital humanities and the limits of text
  • Game-based learning and the digital humanities
  • Virtual reality
  • Game-based history and historical simulations
  • Virtual heritage and digital culture
  • Worlds, roles and rituals
  • Joysticks of death, violence and morality
  • Intelligent agents, drama and cinematic narrative
  • Biofeedback, space and place
  • Applying critical thinking and critical play

(ISBN: 978-1-4724-2291-0, ISBN Short: 9781472422910)

Would you like to review it? Information is at

The Egyptian Oracle Project, Ancient Ceremony in Augmented Reality

Editor(s): Robyn Gillam, Jeffrey Jacobson
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic

I contributed a book chapter.

  • Introduction (Robyn Gillam, York University, Canada, and Jeffrey Jacobson, Carnegie Museum of Natural History, USA)

PART I The Egyptian Oracle

  • Chapter 1: Historical Foundations (Robyn Gillam)
  • Chapter 2: Cross-Cultural Analysis (Robyn Gillam)
  • Chapter 3: The Virtual Temple of Horus and Its Egyptian Prototypes (Robyn Gillam)

PART II The Performance

  • Chapter 4: Technical Description (Jeffrey Jacobson)
  • Chapter 5: Mixed Reality Theater and the Oracle (Josephine Anstey and David Pape, University of Buffalo, New York, USA)
  • Chapter 6: Educational Purpose and Results (Jeffrey Jacobson)

PART III The Technology

  • Chapter 7: Puppetry and Virtual Theater (Lisa Aimee Sturz, Red Herring Puppets, Asheville, North Carolina, USA)
  • Chapter 8: Introduction to Virtual Heritage (Erik Champion, Curtin University, Perth, Australia)
  • Chapter 9: The Virtual Temple: Construction and Use (Jeffrey Jacobson)
  • Conclusion (Robyn Gillam and Jeffrey Jacobson)

See more at: OR


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