CFPS for 2015

22-May-14 19-Jan-15 DH 3D Digital Heritage: 3D representation Aarhus Denmark
14-May-15 22-Jan-15 digra2015 Diversity of play: Games – Cultures – Identities Lüneburg Germany
14-Sep-15 23-Jan-15 Interact 2015 Connection.Tradition.Innovation Bamberg Germany
03-Jun-15 31-Jan-15 CGSA Canadian Game Studies Association: Capital Ideas Ottawa Canda
13-Jul-15 01-Feb-15 iLRN Prague 2015 Intelligent Environment (IE) Prague Czech republic
16-Sep-15 01-Feb-15 ecaade Real Time Extending the Reach of Computation Vienna Austria
27-Mar-15 04-Feb-15 Digital Densities examining relations between material cultures & digital data Melbourne Australia
02-Sep-15 19-Feb-15 EAA2015 European Association of Archaeologists Glasgow
08-Jul-15 27-Feb-15 anzca2015 rethinking communication space and identity Queenstown NZ
28-Sep-15 15-Mar-15 Digital Heritage 2015 Digital Heritage 2015 Granada Spain
18-Jun-15 16-Mar-15 web3D 2015 20th International Conference on 3D Web Technology Crete Greece
17-Jul-15 31-Mar-15 isaga2015 Hybridizing Simulation and Gaming in the Network Society Kyoto Japan
16-Sep-15 31-Mar-15 vs-games Virtual Worlds and Games for Serious Applications Skovde Sweden
26-Oct-15 31-Mar-15 ACM MM ACM Multimedia Brisbane Australia
05-Oct-15 02-Apr-15 CHIPLAY London UK
30-Sep-15 28-Apr-15 icec2015 Entertainment Computing Trondheim Norway
23-Sep-15 01-May-15 VAMCT VIRTUAL ARCHAEOLOGY: Museums & Cultural Tourism Delphi Greece
27-Nov-15 27-May-15 ICDH Conference on Digital Heritage London UK
08-Jun-16 01-Jun-15 Critical Heritage Critical Heritage Studies: What does heritage change? Montreal Canada
06-Jun-16 26-Jan-16 DIS2016 Designing Interactive Systems Brisbane Australia
29-Jun-15 ? LODLAM Linked Open Data in Libraries Archives and Museums Sydney Australia
05-Oct-15 ? MW2015 Museums and the Web Asia Melbourne Australia
28-Oct-15 ? dch2015 Digital Cultural Heritage Berlin Germany
28-Nov-16 ? IKUWA06 underwater archaeology: celebrating our shared heritage Perth Australia
26-Jun-15 NEH Humanities Heritage 3D Visualization: Theory and Practice (8-14/6) Arkansas USA
26-Jun-15 DHP (no url) Digital Humanities Pedagogy Sydney Australia
06-Jun-16 NEH Humanities Heritage 3D Visualization: Theory and Practice (6-9 June) LA USA
07-May-16 chi2016 Computer-Human Interaction San Jose USA

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