Alternative camera tracking systems: Asus Xtion Pro and

Asus have an alternative to Kinect One and Playstation 4 cameras:

Also for mobile devices especially iPAD

While the Structure Sensor has been carefully designed to work exceptionally well with iOS devices, it has also been designed to work with a wide range of other devices and platforms, including Android devices, and Windows, OS X and Android laptop and desktop PCs.

To use the Structure Sensor with any of these alternative platforms, you will need the USB Hacker Cable as well as OpenNI 2 drivers, which can be downloaded on our OpenNI 2 page. More information on using the Structure Sensor with OpenNI 2 drivers can be found in the Structure Sensor and SDK Forums

OpenNI, not sure if it is actively developed. Refer:

After the acquisition of PrimeSense by Apple, it was announced that the website would be shut down on April 23, 2014.[7] Immediately after the shutdown, organizations that used OpenNI subsequently preserved documentation and binaries for future use, such as the page at

3 thoughts on “Alternative camera tracking systems: Asus Xtion Pro and

  1. Which is technical better? Asus Xtion Pro (“Live”?) or “Kinect One”
    For 3D-Scanning, whole body “stickman” recognition (with a IR dot field?) etc..

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