Call for Presentation Proposals Immersive Learning Research Network 1st Meeting & Virtual Symposium:

Call for Presentation Proposals-
Immersive Learning Research Network 1st Meeting & Virtual Symposium: iLRN Corvallis, Oregon 2014 Meetup

“Immersed in the Future, Together: Scholarship, Experience, and Community”

13th – 15th November 2014
Corvallis, OR, USA

Oregon State University is pleased to announce the ILRN Corvallis, Oregon 2014 Meetup and Virtual Symposium. This regional meeting and virtual symposium will feature expert researchers, theorists, practitioners, and developers showcasing projects and products that offer “immersive” learning experiences enhanced by digital technology. Immersive environments include virtual worlds, video games, augmented reality applications, and other ways to give people a sense of “Being There”. The Oregon meeting and worldwide virtual symposium will be the first official event of the globally represented Immersive Learning Research Network (IRLN).

The Oregon 2014 Meetup and ILRN Committees invite all immersive learning professionals from across the disciplines to propose a presentation for this Corvallis event, either in person or virtually via the Internet.

Proposal acceptances will be communicated on a first-come, first-served basis starting September 10th. If your proposal is accepted, you will be provided with the ability to schedule a presentation time that is convenient to your time zone and work schedule. Early proposal submission and acceptance will give you the most flexibility for scheduling your presentation. The deadline to submit presentation proposals for guaranteed space is October 13th; proposals received after that date, up until a final deadline of October 27th, will be accepted on a space-available basis. For presentation requirements, please visit:

Note: Presenters do not need to be active ILRN members. However, everyone is encouraged to join for free before January 1st, 2015 when membership application fees may apply. See for information on joining the Network.

The details of this Call for Presentation Proposals are below and also available online:

Meetup Theme

As the inaugural event for the Immersive Learning Research Network, the Oregon Meetup Committee believe it fitting to emphasize the communal interest in gathering expertise from across the disciplines, the need to meaningfully connect research to practice, and the critical necessity for people to have mutual experiences and frames of reference. These are hallmarks of meaningful Communities of Practice.

The theme for the IRLN Corvallis, Oregon 2014 Meetup is “Immersed in the Future, Together: Scholarship, Experience, and Community”.

The ILRN Oregon Meetup Committee will give preference to those proposals of Immersive Learning presentations that feature:

– Attempts to substantively bridge multiple kinds of expertise to generate a sense of “immersion” (e.g. psychology, pedagogy, architecture, computer science, etc);
– Sharing resources and visions for Immersive Learning researchers and practitioners to use in developing a common future.
– Sharing technical expertise on creation of Immersive Learning experiences that is not readily available for free elsewhere;
– Featuring design- or evidence-based reasoning for learning within the design of an immersive experience;
– Explicitly develops capacity within immersive learning experiences to form community OR focuses on the community that forms as a result of efforts to create immersive learning experiences;
– Providing Open Educational Resources or open source possibilities for developing Immersive Learning to everyone – to encourage community and sharing.
– Articulating conceptual frameworks or definitions for specific kinds of Immersive Learning expertise that may be of possible benefit or use by others. – Other ideas? Pitch them to the Oregon 2014 Meetup committee!

ILRN Corvallis, Oregon 2014 Meetup and Virtual Symposium Submission format

Presentation proposals must include:

– A concise title.
– The names and affiliations of the presenters; please not whether as part of the MEETUP (i.e. in person presentation) or part of the VIRTUAL SYMPOSIUM (i.e. remote presentation).
– Proposed duration of the presentation – 30 minutes or 50 minutes. The organizers may exceptionally consider well justified longer presentations.
– Preference for a date (November 13, 14, or 15); but, the proposal must not be conditioned on the presentation date, since it is likely that some will not get their preferred date.
– A statement of the presentation’s objective/goals related to Immersive Learning.
– A statement detailing: Why is the presentation topic important? Why is the presentation timely? How is it relevant to Immersive Learning Research and/or Practice?
– A description of the presentation format: how many invited speakers, type of activities (e.g., video overview, live demonstration, live interactive participation, short paper presentation, invited discussion, link to papers, posters, etc.), and an approximate timeline. The keys to a successful ILRN presentation are twofold: Relevant Audience Engagement & Connections to Quality Learning
– A short bio of the presenters, including a description of their qualifications relative to the topic area, and past experience in related conference or research meetings.

Proposal Submission

Complete proposals will have incorporate the above criteria and should be written in English at no more than three pages in length (10pt with reasonable margins) and must be in PDF or plain unformatted text (.txt).

Workshop proposals should be submitted through:


ILRN Corvallis, Oregon 2014 Meetup and Virtual Symposium will take place between 13th and 16th of November 2014 in Corvallis, Oregon on the Oregon State University campus. Visitors may fly into Portland International Airport (PDX) or Eugene Mahlon-Sweet Airport (EUG). More information on:

Oregon Meeting Organization

General Chair: Jonathon Richter, University of Montana, USA
Local Chair: Jon Dorbolo, Oregon State University, USA
Program Co-Chair: Monica Marlo (to be confirmed)
Program Co-Chair: Kimmy Hescock, Oregon State University, USA Special Events Chair: Eric Smith (to be confirmed)

iLRN Advisory Board

Jonathon Richter, University of Montana, USA
Jon Dorbolo, Oregon State University, USA
Michael Gardner, University of Essex, UK
Jennifer B. Elliot, University of North Carolina, USA
Christian Gütl, Graz University of Technology, Austria
Carlos Delgado Kloos, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain François Garnier, École Nationale Supériore des Arts Décoratifs, France Béatrice Hasler, University of Barcelona, Spain
Pasi Mattila, Center for Internet Excellence, Finland
Colin Allison, University of St Andrews, UK

Publicity & Public Relations: Anasol Pena-Rios, University of Essex, UK

About the iLRN Meetings and Virtual Symposia Series

Immersive Researchers and Developers gather and showcase their work, gather to form community, connect with experts around the world, support one another and generate CAPACITY to reach the high level of quality results that is demonstrated formally at the iLRN Annual Conference. The 1st Annual iLRN Conference is to be held in Prague, Czech Republic in July, 2015. Prior to then, iRLN members around the world may host Regional Meetings and/or Virtual Symposia. Each Regional Meeting &/or Worldwide Symposia generally has a topic or theme. These meetings serve to build capacity for attendees as well as to generate content for the online iLRN presence and materials (newsletters, announcements, etc). The activities and products of these Regional Meetings generates content and stimulates dialogue throughout the iLRNetwork online. These meetings are intended to help create community in local/regional/national areas and connect them with people throughout the world through the virtual symposia.

About iLRN

The vision of the immersive Learning Research Network (iLRN) is to develop a comprehensive research and outreach agenda that encompasses the breadth and scope of learning potentialities, affordances and challenges of immersive learning environments. To achieve this, the iLRN mission is to invite and organize scientists, practitioners, organizations, and innovators across the disciplines to explore, describe, and apply the optimal use of immersive worlds and environments for educational purposes. Further the conference, meetings, and virtual symposia aim to build capacity to explain and demonstrate how these immersive learning environments best work using a variety of rigorous, systematic, and meaningful research methods and outreach strategies.

To join the Immersive Learning Research Network or find out more about events and other initiatives, visit


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