We ran a Cultural Heritage and New Media (#chnm2014) event at Curtin on Thursday 25 September 2014.

The presentations ran at the HIVE and building 104 (behind Common Ground Cafe) at Curtin University, Thursday 25 September.We hope it proves to be an effective networking event and hopefully a special issue on the topic will appear via a related Journal.

Speakers included:

  • Tim Sherratt, TROVE, National Library of Australia
  • Stuart Bender, Curtin University
  • Demetrius Lacet, UNIPE, Centro Universitário de João Pessoa, Brazil
  • Torsten Reiners, Curtin University
  • Pauline Joseph, Curtin University
  • Jeff Harris, SciTech Planetarium
  • Paul Arthur, University of Western Sydney
  • Ali Mozafarri, Curtin University
  • Brian Steels, Curtin University
  • Sambit Datta, Curtin University (Erik Champion presented for him)

Three workshops ran in the afternoon:

Stuart Bender: Create 3D Digital Film
Joshua Hollick: Create Content for the HIVE
Karen Miller, Kim Flintoff and Leah Irving: Setting up a Library Makerspace

Thanks to Andrew Woods (and for the introduction) and Joshua Hollick (and Nick) for allowing us to run the first session of presentations in the HIVE.

Tim Sherratt started the presentations by pre-recorded video but his online presence via twitter was thwarted by dodgy wifi-sorry Tim!
Tim makes his presentations and keynotes available online at

Curtin’s own Stuart Bender presents in the HIVE on 3D film making..(Curtin has its own new 3D film making studio!)

Participants view the Maldives (3D), a work in progress..

Demetrius Lacet talks about panoramas, HMDs, community engagement and graffiti in Brazil..

He also demonstrates a panoramic of a church interior with an embedded host (movie) and the software he developed to run it on $10 Google cardboard (VR)..

Torsten Reiners of Curtin discusses his nDIVE simulation research

Pauline Joseph (Curtin) discusses archives, collections, and motorsports…

…then she demonstrates panoramic movies of Caversham race track

After the morning tea break Jeff Harris of Scitech planetarium discusses what can be shown in planetariums the audience coverage, and what will happen in the near future

Paul Arthur, University of Western Sydney, Australia’s first Professor of Digital Humanities, and local organiser of DH2015 in Sydney. discusses Digital Humanities, what makes it so important, and what will take place next year at DH2015.

Brian Steels talks about his Welcome to Country app, phone developers/web developers please see him!

3D Film making workshop where participants made their own 3D films run by Stuart and Keith Coote (sorry I don’t have photos of the other 2 workshops)..


Time for me to buy a dedicated camera and not resort to an iPhone 5!


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