To be published/In press list

In press, pending, to be published? How do you or should you cite yet to be published book chapters? What about when you still have to write or otherwise deliver them? Just don’t put them in the resume? And how do you list them? By publication date or by format?I recall writing and citing a blog post that academic book chapters seldom get read, but ironically I look at my to do and soon to be out in print list and I see book chapters are taking up a lot of my publication time.

  • Champion, E. (2015: contracted). Critical Gaming: Interactive History And Digital Heritage, Digital Research in the Arts and Humanities Series, Ashgate Publishing, UK.
  • Champion, E, Dallas, C., and Benardou, A. (). (2015: contracted). Cultural Heritage Creative Tools And Archives. Ashgate Publishing.
  • Champion, E. (2014: in press). “Virtual Heritage, an introduction” in Robyn Gillam and Jeffrey Jacobson, (eds.), The Egyptian Oracle Project; Ancient Ceremony in Augmented Reality, Bloomsbury. Chapter. In press.
  • Champion, E. (2015). ” Either/Or: Culture Heritage, Digital Heritage” in Weigung Guo Henry Li and John Hartley, (eds.), Culture+8, Fudan University Press. Chapter.
  • Champion, E. (2014). Heritage and Social Media: Understanding heritage in a participatory culture [Book Review]. Heritage & Society, 7(2). In press.
  • Champion, E. (2014). A 3D Cultural Heritage And Visualisation Depository For Australia. eResearch 2014 conference, Melbourne, 27-31 October 2014. Accepted.
  • Champion, E. (2014). Appetite For Destruction-Entertainment And Heritage. International Conference of Entertainment Computing (ICEC2014), workshop: Entertainment in Serious Games and Entertaining Serious Purposes, Sydney, 30 September 2014.
  • Warren, R., & Champion, E. (2014). Linked Open Data Driven Realistic Simulations and Games. The 13th International Semantic Web conference. ISWC workshop, Trento Italy, 19-23 October 2014. Accepted.
  • Champion, E. (2014). The cultural and pedagogical issues of new media and the humanities. Cultural and Technological Innovation Symposium (CTIS 2014), Shenzhen University, PRC, 30 November 2014. Invited.
  • Champion, E. (2014). Critical Theory, Game-Based Learning and Virtual Heritage. Critical Heritage Studies, Canberra, 2-4 December 2014. Accepted.

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