CFP Conferences 2014-2015-2016

27-Aug-14 04-May-14 OpenSYM2014 Open Collaboration Berlin Germany
19-Sep-14 07-May-14 JADH2014 Bridging GLAM and Humanities through Digital Humanities Ibaraki, Japan
01-Oct-14 28-Apr-14 ICEC2014 Entertainment Computing Sydney Australia
04-Oct-14 27-Jun-14 Spatial SUI symposium Spatial symposium Honolulu Hawaii
16-Oct-14 01-Jul-14 meaningfulplay Meaningful play Michigan USA
19-Oct-14 08-May-14 CHI play ACM CHI play Toronto Canada
27-Oct-14 06-Jun-14 eResearch Australia eResearch Australia Melbourne Australia
03-Nov-14 16-Jun-14 ICIDS Interactive Digital Storytelling Conference Singapore
03-Nov-14 30-May-14 euromed International Congress on Cultural Heritage Lemessos Cyprus
11-Nov-14 30-Jun-14 VRST2014 ACM Virtual Reality Software and Technology Edinburgh Scotland
11-Nov-14 12-May-14 ACE Computers in Entertainment Funchal Madeira
12-Nov-14 09-May-14 ICMI Multimodal Interaction Istanbul Turkey
20-Nov-14 11-May-14 mab2014 Media Architecture Biennale Aarhus Denmark
24-Nov-14 15-Jun-14 E-iED2014 European Immersive Education Summit:virtual worlds, learning games Vienna Austria
25-Nov-14 01-Aug-14 MUM Mobile and ubiquitous media Melbourne Australia
02-Dec-14 01-Jun-14 Critical Heritage Sessions Canberra Australia
02-Dec-14 16-Aug-14 ie2014 Interactive Entertainment Newcastle Australia
03-Dec-14 03-Jun-14 siggraph asia 2014 Shenzen China
31-Jan-15 01-Aug-14 tei2015 Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction Stanford USA
18-Apr-15 22-Sep-14 chi2015 Human Factors in Computing Systems Seoul Korea
08-Jun-15 invited proposed Humanities Heritage 3D Visualization: Theory and Practice (8-14/06/15) Arkansas USA
06-Jul-15 10-Oct-14 CAADFutures The city of the future Sao Paolo Brazil
06-Jul-15 ? DH2015 Digital Humanities Sydney Australia
14-Sep-15 ? Interact 2015 Connection.Tradition.Innovation Bamberg Germany
06-Jun-16 invited proposed Humanities Heritage 3D Visualization: Theory and Practice (8-14/06/15) Arkansas USA
06-Jun-16 26-Jan-16 DIS2016 Designing Interactive Systems Brisbane Australia

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