Virtual Heritage needs a shared ontology-how do we get the ball rolling?

I am very interested in a shared ontology for virtual heritage so 3D artefacts and buildings can be uploaded at realtime, reference books and papers and tool directories and other components, and these references can be dynamically updated. My understanding is that 3D assets in some virtual environments and game engines can be assembled at run-time. My problem is that I research and design virtual heritage models and the 2D papers, the digital tools and the models are all hermetically sealed, an update of one is not reflected in the other, models are not saved only exhibited, and the papers do not show how tools are used or which version of software was used, so papers with arguments cannot be easily found, experiments cannot be repeated, and models are showcased but not preserved in a standard or shareable format. Paradata is also not normally included.

Some people who may be doing related work:


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