CFPs for 2014

21-Jun-14 19-Jan-14 dis2014 (ACM) Designing Interactive Systems: Crafting Design Vancouver Canada
10-Aug-14 20-Jan-14 SIGGRAPH2014 Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques Vancouver Canada
27-Jun-14 24-Jan-14 Game history Cultural History of Video Games Montreal Canada
9-Sep-14 30-Jan-14 VS-Games IEE Serious Games Malta
21-Mar-14 31-Jan-14 CAA UK Computer Applications & Quantitative Methods in Archaeology Oxford
11-Jun-14 31-Jan-14 GLS Games Learning and Society Wisconsin USA
10-Nov-14 31-Jan-14 ICOMOS GS and SS Heritage and Landscape and Human Values Florence Italy
10-Sep-14 3-Feb-14 eCAADe2014 Data integration at its best Northumbria UK
17-Apr-14 16-Feb-14 www2014 world wide web Seoul Korea
24-Sep-14 21-Feb-14 mobileHCI2014 Toronto, Canada
9-Oct-14 20-Mar-14 ECGBL2014 European Association of Game-based learning Berlin Germany
14-Sep-14 1-Apr-14 CDVE Cooperative Design, Visualization and Engineering Seattle USA
12-Nov-14 9-Apr-14 ICMI Multimodal Interaction Istanbul Turkey
5-Oct-14 16-Apr-14 uist2014 ACM User Interface Software and Technology Symposium Honolulu Hawaii
27-Aug-14 20-Apr-14 OpenSYM2014 Berlin Germany
28-Oct-14 24-Apr-14 nordichi2014 NordiCHI 2014 – Fun, Fast, Foundational Helsinki Finland
5-Oct-14 8-May-14 CHI play ACM CHI play Toronto Canada
2-Dec-14 1-Jun-14 Critical Heritage Sessions Canberra Australia
16-Oct-14 1-Jul-14 meaningfulplay Meaningful play Michigan USA
31-Jan-15 1-Aug-14 tei2015 Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction Stanford USA
6-Jun-16 26-Jan-16 DIS2016 Designing Interactive Systems Brisbane Australia
15-Nov-14 ? ICIDS Interactive Digital Storytelling Conference Singapore
3-Dec-14 ? siggraph asia 2014 Shenzen China
6-Jul-15 ? DH2015 Digital Humanities Sydney Australia
14-Sep-15 ? Interact 2015 Bamberg Germany

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