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Which hardware and software packages are vital for virtual reality and game display centres?

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We have stereo and surround displays being built here at Curtin with typical Unity, AutoDesk and Adobe products.
But I feel we are missing a range of peripherals. So I made a quick list (I cannot find the Sony VR bike, would add that).
Which reminds me of PaperDude VR:

Anyway, the bike is a great natural interface for VR, especially for virtual simulations of large cites.

Suggested hardware
Virtual Reality bike interface

Biofeedback especially the EEF head set
An alternative headgear set would be

3D printer, possibly

Other Peripherals
In the past I mentioned siftables the product seems a shadow of their potential, wonder what happened.
This talk explains them here
Only from USA stores I think

Nice to have: Arduino for prototyping simple peripherals

A drone even archaeologists use them

Probably the if we are going to do urban vis in the dome
There is even a fishing pole with feedback! (no have no use for this, don’t buy it!) 3rd space vest
Kickstarter vest
Or joystick

An excellent camera (DSLR) or even panorama camera, I know iVEC has them at UWA but I don’t think Curtin does?
I am not sure if we need a gigapixel camera or will borrow from iVEC@UWA

For urban vis
(Warning Sambit thinks it is clunky but I know of no decent competitors)
PS Wesley might find some good google earth data here

cycle trainer
review of above

motion capture

3D modelling esp

3D modelling for landscapes
3D extras (software etc) for Unity

Adobe after effects, I am not sure Curtin has a license for this but it is great for video editing.

Panorama stitching software eg or or any of

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