ICOMOS talk from 2 November, 2013


Conference: 2013 Canberra Centenary: ‘Imagined pasts…, imagined futures
Venue: Museum of Australian Democracy in Old Parliament House, Canberra, 1-3 Nov 2013
TITLE: Can the past be shared in Virtual Reality?

I greatly enjoyed this conference especially the 2 November talk at Mt Stromlo Observatory by Professor Brian Schmidt on his Nobel Prize for Physics winning work on the expansion of the universe. His talk was after a live coding demonstration in Mt Stromlo by University of Canberra Art students.

IMG_1579 IMG_1586IMG_1569

Also the final day (3 November) panel on indigenous cultural heritage:

Below are some notes from Sunday panel 1 9-11:00 chaired by Professor Carmen Lawrence
Foundational Cultural Routes, Australia is made up of them

Seven Sisters Songline in paper: http://www.canberra100.com.au/programs/kungkarangkalpa-seven-sisters-songline-/

Video: http://sevensisterssongline.com/


Tapaya Edwards
“knowledge is in the mind, the brain, not from the book”
“what will we do when our elders pass away”?
“we will have this problem in 10 years in fifteen years time”
“go to the site with the elders before they are gone”
“Go to the site with the elders, with the technologies, to record things”

Jacqueline Huggins
“There is not one part of this country not affected by songlines”
“Why do white people need to know, why do white people need to know, all the time?
“It has been eroded”

Who said “Oldest living culture on the planet” ??
“I hate that term ‘lost’..”

John Carty, ANU
“How do you heritage list what is in an old man’s brain?”
“You have to understand the dreaming..there are the creation texts of our continent”
Described the Canning Stock ROute Project, 1800 km long through the “guts” of Western Australia

John Avery, Canberra, Australian Government
“..carried the law songs in their actions”
“this is the time of sitting down with the elders”

“in essence the materials we have are writing and mapping…song lines are not places but they are related to places”

Old Parliament House


Ol Pariament House


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