Researchs into interactive maps, multimedia cartography

Recent interactive mapping projects I mentioned

Migration map
Interactive ‘immigration explorer’ map
The Human Journey: migration routes and lessons
Journey of mankind ( Overview at

Side note: The great human migration -Why humans left their African homeland 80,000 years ago to colonize the world

Potential research partners
@Curtin, spatial sciences and Ric Lowe
Museums-National Museum, UWA, Maritime, Immigration, etc
Mapping sciences australia
Instotute of Australian Geographers
CSIRO (Dr Kirsten MacLean

Australian public datasets
Immigration websites
Europe History Interactive Map
Examples for kids
Global migration map
Times maps

National museum resources
Typical curriculum lessons
Australian Immigration history
Listen to the Forgotten Australians and Former Child Migrants oral history interviews
GOLD! Explore the impact of the gold rushes on Australia and uncover the stories of the diggers at SBS GOLD! The topics below detail the varied results of the gold rushes on the young colonies of Australia, and use newspapers, diaries and memoirs to uncover the personal experiences of those caught up in the rush.
World atlas Oceania Multicultural australia
Australia civilisation

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