fascinating biofeedback equipment-BITalino kit

The low cost (€149/$197 + shipping and taxes) kit of modular blocks includes a swathe of physiological sensors that can be broken out to use individually or linked together and used in whatever combination you’re after. BITalino’s approach is plug and play, to keep things as simple as possible. The sensors in the kit can interface with computing platforms such as Arduino (and derivatives) and Raspberry Pi, says project lead Hugo Silva. BITalino also includes Bluetooth connectivity so can be used in desktop and mobile environments.

“Currently there are several APIs for platforms including Android OS, Java or Python; BITalino is also cloud / web compatible through a software framework based on WebSockets, HTML5 and CSS3,” he tells TechCrunch


Sensors included in the BITalino kit are:

  • an EMG (electromyography) to track muscle activation
  • an EDA (electrodermal Activity) to measure skin activity/moisture levels
  • a LUX light sensor to monitor ambient light or (used in conjunction with a light source) to track blood volume pulse data
  • an ECG (electrocardiogram) to track heart rate, monitor stress etc
  • an accelerometer to track limb movements

The board also includes an LED block for visual feedback, a microcontroller unit and a power management block to power the other units.

Youtube video:


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