augmented reality brochures and posters

What you could do is build a brochure that when held up to the webcam of a laptop etc or even a phone would produce an apparent ‘3d’ image.
Anyone played with the above for conferences and exhibitions?
Some software I know of

The Magicbook from the HITLab


This is a commercial Australian-NSW company who might provide proof of concepts/examples

Open source: augment for print (MQ Uni, with instructions)

Please advise me of more!

3 thoughts on “augmented reality brochures and posters

  1. Prof, this is an excellent idea and I believe it has a lot of potentialities of both educational and commercial use. I have tried HiTLab’s BuildAR. Use of ‘osg’ format of 3D can give good rendered playback, however, it is quite difficult to export from 3DMax even I used plugins exporter. BuildAR supports other 3D formats, however, 3ds format can only render solid color and no texture.

    I have tried both paid and free version of BuildAR. Paid version can track image as a marker. But the tracking is poor and the realtime rendering gives a ‘shaky’ or ‘vibrating’ view of the 3D object. Black & white square marker (i.e. Hiro) provides strong tacking in both version. I have used BuildAR for an exhibition of 20th anniversary of Architecture Discipline, Khulna University, Bangladesh.

    If you are interested, I am ready to explore more 🙂

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