cfp: Conference Calls from mid August

9-Dec-13 25-Aug-13 icmi2013 (emotion workshop) Multimodal Interaction, ICMI (Emotion Representations) Sydney Australia
17-Mar-14 30-Aug-13 Presence2014 Presence 2014 Vienna Austria
19-Mar-14 30-Aug-13 SCMS2014 Society for Cinema and Media Studies Seattle USA
21-Jan-14 1-Sep-13 enter2014 etourism Dublin Ireland
9-Dec-13 2-Sep-13 affective experiences New Media, Audiences and Affective Experiences London UK
14-May-14 7-Sep-13 CAADRIA 2014 Rethinking Comprehensive Design:Speculative Counterculture Kyoto Japan
8-Jan-14 11-Sep-13 visigrapp (position papers) Computing vision, Imaging & Computer Graphics Theory Lisbon Portugal
18-Mar-14 14-Sep-13 dha2014 Perth Australia
6-Dec-13 15-Sep-13 Chicago Colloqium Digital Humanities and Computer Science Chicago USA
8-Jan-14 16-Sep-13 meccsa2014 media and the margins Bournemouth UK
26-Apr-14 18-Sep-13 CHI2014 One of a CHind: Human Factors in Computing Systems Toronto Canada
22-Apr-14 31-Oct-13 CAA2014 Computer Applications in Archaeology Paris France
8-Jul-14 1-Nov-13 DH2014 Digital Humanities Lausanne Switzerland
23-Jun-14 12-Jan-14 ITiCSE 2014 Innovation and technology in Computer Science Education Uppsala Sweden
21-Jun-14 19-Jan-14 dis2014 (ACM) Designing Interactive Systems: Crafting Design Vancouver Canada
27-Aug-14 20-Apr-14 OpenSYM2014 The International Symposium on Open Collaboration Berlin Germany
28-Oct-14 24-Apr-14 nordichi2014 Helsinki Finland
6-Jun-16 26-Jan-16 DIS2016 Designing Interactive Systems Brisbane Australia
5-Oct-13 ? ASHA (sessions) 2013 Australasian Society for Historical Archaeology Sydney Australia
24-Oct-13 ? UDC Classification systems The Hague, Netherlands
12-Nov-14 ? ICMI Multimodal Interaction Istanbul Turkey
6-Jul-15 ? Digital Humanities 2015 Digital Humanities Sydney Australia

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