linked data, linked places, maps, inhabitant maps

Those who know me know I am very interested in creating a overall framework that allows dynamic linkages between digitalised text and 3D models and 3D modelled environments all inside the same web browser (or game engine).

There was some TEI work on encoding of text and people references (personography and prosopographical data), I am interested in digitalised text and place references. Particularly historic and mythic and ancient places.

Re/viewing Corey Harper’s wonderfully elegant rant on how linked data should be not just on text but on people places and things, led me to think again about how places can be shared between 2 and 3D media, and other forms of media, in a meaningful way.
Check out the video of Corey Harper in the page (or on youtube or see below)

One idea I have is of inhabitant cognitive maps, not merely how does an author link places inside a text, but what are the literary or historic characters ideas and experiences about linked places and how could we visualise that in 2D/3D interfaces?


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