game engines for teaching

here are some game engines I am hoping we can install and run in our new postgrad design lab

1. The latest version of Autodesk Maya (mac os x), for the Mac Prosfree trial at
student version
Other 3D and often cheaper if less powerful software solutions could be Silo 3D or Blender 3D. 3D Studio max is also an autodesk product but probably around the same price as maya. Rhino 3D is used by many industrial and transport designers and architects.

2. The latest version of unity (4.2), the indie version is free
If we have money now or later for copies of unity pro (education version) that would be great!
In Australia the supplier for Unity Pro education seems to be

3. I would also like Blender downloaded (free), runs on all major OS

4. Sketchup downloaded (free).

5. For those who can run bootcamp or similar on the macs or have a PC there are free versions of game editors (PC os only)
for Crydev engine

6. There is also UDK (Unreal)
You might also be interested in skyrim’s creation kit, the wiki is here but you may have to install Steam (hope it has improved over previous versions!)

7. A longterm goal would be zbrush

I am sure I am missing some important software and related modelling tools! And what about animation software alternatives to Maya?


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