recent call for papers

27-sep-13 24-maj-13 frog2013 fun n games Vienna Germany
09-dec-13 24-maj-13 icmi2013 Multimodal Interaction, ICMI Sydney Australia
27-sep-13 31-maj-13 CVRB Journal of Virtual Reality and Broadcasting Dusseldorf Germany
25-sep-13 01-jun-13 Virtual archaeology VIRTUAL ARCHAEOLOGY: Museums & Cultural Tourism Delphi Greece
09-sep-13 02-jun-13 mm4ch2013 Workshop on Multimedia for Cultural Heritage Naples Italy
30-sep-13 02-jun-13 ie2013 matters of life or death Melbourne Australia
28-okt-13 09-jun-13 Digital Heritage 2013 Digital Heritage Marseilles France
04-aug-14 13-jun-13 inclusive museum the inclusive museum Los Angeles
06-okt-13 14-jun-13 its2013 ACM Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces 2013 Conference St Andrews Scotland
03-okt-13 15-jun-13 Cultural Research Culural Research in the Context of Digital Humanities St Petersburg Russia
01-okt-13 17-jun-13 ismar2013 mixed and augmented reality workshops Adelaide Australia
29-nov-13 28-jun-13 ITS2013 The Internet Technologies and Society Kuala Lumpur
05-dec-13 20-aug-13 DHLU2013 Reading historical sources in the digital age Luxembourg
21-jan-14 01-sep-13 enter2014 etourism Dublin Ireland
08-jan-14 16-sep-13 meccsa2014 media and the margins Bournemouth UK
18-mar-14 ? dha2014 Digital Humanities Australasia 2014: Expanding Horizons Perth Australia
06-jul-14 ? DH2014 Digital Humanities Lausanne Switzerland

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