Conference calls for April 2013 onwards

22-09-13 03-04-13 Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries Theory and practice of digital libraries 2013 Valletta Malta
11-09-13 22-04-13 vs-games 2013 Games and Virtual Worlds for Serious Applications Bournemouth UK
25-09-13 30-04-13 EAEA2013 Envisaging Architecture Milan Italy
16-09-13 30-04-13 Culture and Computing Fourth conference (Culture and Computing 2013) Kyoto Japan
31-10-13 30-04-13 games and literary theory Digital Games and Literary Theory Conference Series Valletta Malta
25-09-13 30-04-13 CVRB Journal of Virtual Reality and Broadcasting Dusseldorf Germany
19-09-13 07-05-13 transcending borders Japanese Association for Digital Humanities Kyoto Japan
09-12-13 24-05-13 icmi2013 Multimodal Interaction, ICMI Sydney Australia
28-10-13 09-06-13 Digital Heritage 2013 Digital Heritage Marseilles France
06-10-13 14-06-13 its2013 ACM Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces 2013 Conference St Andrews Scotland
22-09-13 SSH horizons for social science and humanities Vilnius Lithuania

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