Cambridge Heritage seminar

Cambridge Heritage Research Group Annual Seminar – registration open

Registration is now open for “Heritage Scapes”, the Cambridge Heritage Research Group’s annual seminar, on Saturday 13 April 2013 (NOTE CORRECTED DATE), at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, University of Cambridge.

To register, complete the Heritage Scapes Registration Form and return it to:

Calum Robertson
Division of Archaeology
Downing Street

Attendance fees for the 14th Heritage Research Seminar are:

· £25 – Waged

· £15 – Unwaged

The 14th Annual Heritage Seminar also invites you to send in abstracts for papers and presentations that address the issues below. Please send proposals to Leanne Philpot via email or <a href="mailto:cgr23 by 1 March 2013.

Please address all questions regarding the 14th Annual Heritage Research Seminar to Leanne Philpot via email or <a href="mailto:cgr23.

“Heritage Scapes”

Various concepts of ‘scapes’ have been employed within the heritage discourse over the last decade. Stemming from an initial concern with the decontextualisation of heritage sites from their surroundings, more abstract notions of landscapes, including the inter-connections between natural, cultural, social and symbolic dimensions are being debated.

Interest in environs has furthered advances in landscape studies and in contextualizing heritage spatially. At the same time we see attempts at exploring heritage through the effects of space: heritage-scapes, city-scapes, and memorial-scapes.

Behind the vocabulary of ‘scapes’ lies a move towards a broader vision of the networks of meaning that create heritage, linking it with markers in both real and symbolic environments.

Is this suffix, this ‘scape’, an escape or does it reflect a change in how we understand heritage? Is the adoption of spatial terminology advancing how we learn of is it merely metaphorical? How it is attempting to develop conceptual and analytical terms that capture the dynamic between space and heritage? And will the new terminology be inclusive of cross-cultural concepts of space?

Download the Heritage Scapes poster.


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