Open Library of Humanities, Publishing, Future Technologies

I have just joined the Open Library of Humanities, (editorial committee), you can read more about it here in this Times article entitled Fools’ gold? This project was inspired by PLOSone.

With a subgroup from NeDiAMH and DARIAH I also started looking at and extending Unsworth’s concept of Scholarly Primitives, and whether, if you had a directory of online tools contents and methods, you could create a simple but scalable classification system (more an ontology than a taxonomy) which could be dynamically linked by journal articles, blog posts and working papers?

This is where Open Library of Humanities and DHCommons and hopefully DARIAH’s French partner OpenEdition, may be able to share their ideas and create a true community publication framework for Digital Humanities scholars. Or should I say, rather, scholars particularly interested in Digital Humanities-related topics.

And of course there are many alternatives

Scalar looks fascinating, and Liquidbooks offers an interesting collaborative wiki model for publishing



One thought on “Open Library of Humanities, Publishing, Future Technologies

  1. Hello fellow editorial committee member! I am looking forward to working with you in this awesome endeavor 🙂 Amy.

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