ALLC small grants award for “Cultural Heritage, Creative Tools and Archives” workshop

Email from today:

Dear Erik,

We are happy to inform you that EADH (formerly ALLC) has decided to grant your proposal for the workshop Cultural Heritage, Creative Tools and Archives.

In a nutshell:

We proposed a 2 day workshop involving speakers from Denmark and Greece and other European countries; participants will be drawn in the first instance from DARIAH, ARIADNE and NeDiMAH, with the addition of leading digital academics from outside these projects. We envisage that the workshop will lead to closer cooperation between members and help attendees develop tools and methods that can be used by the wider community, to address a communication gap in 3Drelated Digital Humanities at a European level. This event will be case-study based, participatory in approach, and workshop-based rather than lecturer-driven. Sessions will be conducted with support from key participants / moderators.

This will be an introductory workshop, suitable for both recently started and experienced digital scholars, and aiming to introduce participants to the main tools, techniques, and resources for digital humanities in the field of digital heritage, tools and archives. Workshop methodology and enabling resources will be standardized so that it can be taught by a number of different scholars, and would last 2 days, with the possibility of a social event the night before (that would be funded by us).

Time of completion: 16-17, 23-24, or 27-28 May 2013.

Venue: Denmark, Copenhagen or Aarhus.



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