23 January 2013 DIGHUMLAB kickoff, Aarhus University Denmark

Over on the dighumlab.dk website we have a launch tomorrow, free admission! I have 15 minutes to speak about DIGHUMLAB and tools and sevices to help digital humanists, especially those starting off with traditional historical and heritage/basd backgrounds, phew!

09.45  History and Cultural Heritage
Projektleder Erik Champion, DIGHUMLAB

The talk will provide a short overview of digital humanities research, particularly tools, methods, and data, currently or about to be used in the fields of history and cultural heritage.

I thought I might briefly mention

  1. Issues and debates in the Digital Humanities and where DIGHUMLAB stand.
  2. DIGHUMLAB goal and mission statement.
  3. There are new proposals for centers, even as we speak! For example at Princeton!
  4. Some famous and useful case studies, tools and methods such as Programming for Historians, bamboo DiRT, and some publishing services: commentpress, open edition, and the reputed and proposed humanities counterpart to PLOSone.
  5. European organizations, DARIAH, CLARIN, NeDiMAH, Telearc, etc.. and wider afield, organizations like HASTAC and http://www.arts-humanities.net.
  6. If I have time *I won’t, I might mention the latest book, my next book project entitled Critical Gaming, the Handbook of Virtuality, and some past case studies.

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