cfp: Transmedia storytelling: London, Monday, 17 June

The objective of this preconference is to create an interdisciplinary environment for exchanging research experiences on transmedia storytelling. 21st century media convergence processes – that could be interpreted not only as a concentration of media ownership but as a complex series of operations that involve technological, professional, and cultural aspects – have completely changed the traditional communication landscape. In this context, many contemporary media productions are characterized by: 1) the expansion of their narrative through different media (film, TV, comics, etc.) and platforms (blogs, YouTube, etc.), and 2) the creation of user-generated contents that contribute to expanding the original story. In 2003 Henry Jenkins defined such productions as transmedia storytelling. In this preconference we place transmedia storytelling at the centre of a scientific exchange environment.

Transmedia storytelling is one of the main strategies of media companies, and a significant practice for the consumers that cooperate in the expansion of a narrative. On the other side, transmedia storytelling is an interdisciplinary research object that can be studied under different approaches: Media Studies, Political Economy, Media Economics, Narratology, Ludology, Film Studies, Semiotics, Ethnography, etc. International research on TS is expanding but it is still a fragmented field. In this context the objectives of the preconference are:

  • To discuss the state of transmedia research in the world
  • To present, diffuse and discuss the cutting edge studies on transmedia around the world.
  • To offer an interdisciplinary environment for exchanging methodologies, approaches to and experiences in transmedia research
  • To consolidate an international network of transmedia researchers.

The creation of exchange environments like this preconference will facilitate interactions between scholars and consolidate the research of one of the most important experiences of contemporary media.

This preconference will provide a venue for innovative scholars from around the world who are doing research in exploring transmedia storytelling. It will give them a chance to gather and discuss the challenges that transmedia experiences pose not only for the audiences but for those doing research on media economy, media narratives or media anthropology. The one-day preconference will be comprised of formal panel presentations, one keynote panel, opportunities for informal discussions, and time for networking. The preconference is open to anyone who is interested in transmedia storytelling.

Submission by 4 Feb:


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