cfps for October onwards

17-Apr-13 30-Sep-12 MW2013 Museums and the Web Portland Oregon
17-Apr-13 1-Oct-12 Crafting the future Crafting the future-designer´s practice knowledge Gothenburg Sweden
27-Apr-13 5-Oct-12 CHI2013 changing perspectives Paris France
26-Mar-13 10-Oct-12 CAA2013 Across Time and Space:Computer Applications in Archeology (sessions and workshops) Perth Australia
20-Feb-13 26-Oct-12 Digital Past New technologies in heritage, interpretation and outreach Wales
28-Jan-13 30-Oct-12 LMMGS Learning in museums through mobile games and stories Vercors, French Alps
16-Jul-13 1-Nov-12 Digital Humanities 2013 University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA (2013) Nebraska USA
25-Sep-13 11-Nov-12 EAEA2013 Envisaging Architecture Milan Italy
7-Apr-13 7-Dec-12 SIMAUD Simulation for Architecture and Urban design San Diego, CA
14-May-13 10-Dec-12 FDG 2012 Foundations of Digital Games Crete
27-Jun-13 31-Dec-12 xCoAx  Computation Communication Aesthetics and X Bergamo, Italy
2-Sep-13 8-Jan-13 interact 2013 designing for diversity Capetown South Africa
24-Jun-13 15-Jan-13 ISAGA  Gaming and Simulation Stockholm Sweden
1-Jul-13 1-Feb-13 CAADFUTURES2013 Global Design & Local Materialization Shanghai China

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