European research centres in cultural heritage, digital heritage, virtual heritage

  1. Gothenburg Heritage Academy–b.pdf and linked to Myndighetens ledningskansli är också placerat i Göteborg.”
  2. Jyvaskyla 3D Bridge
  3. Media Arts, Aalto E.g.
  4. Lund VR lab
  5. HUMLAB virtual heritage seminar avatarising the past
  6. Intermedia, Uni of Oslo  OR  eg CONTACT project
  7. Interactive institute Sweden  (Director: Halina Gottlieb NODEM
  8. Trondheim MUBIL – a digital laboratory
  9. Estonia Department of Cultural Heritage and Conservation

UK and Ireland

  1. York (esp arch info science links to DARIAH CARARE ACE and CHIRON)
  2. Southampton Archaeological Computing Research Group
  3. Newcastle International Centre for Cultural and Heritage Studies
  4. Trinity College Dublin- The Cultural Heritage Initiative at Trinity
  5. King’s College esp Visualization Lab
  6. Leicester offer a digital heritage programme.
  7. Smartlab Ireland (phd programme

Mainland Europe

  1. Cyprus
  2. MIRALAB Switzerland
  3.   Virtual Museum Transnational Network also see
  4. Hamburg seems to lead
  5. Fraunhofer IGD  (technical 3D graphics) contact Holger Graf
  6. Ename Ghent Belgium
  7. University of Amsterdam Cultural Heritage and Identity (research priority area )
  8. Italy: Rome CNR Lab
  9. Italy: Pisa Laboratory of Digital Culture  (or
  10. Italy: Genoa (virtual tourism
  11. Italy: Bologna
  12. Italy: Florence? See conference at

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