Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Critical Heritage Studies

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Critical Heritage Studies

The University of Gothenburg announces two positions as; Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Critical Heritage Studies
Reference number: PER 2012/113 as part of the University of Gothenburg’s special initiative in Heritage Studies.
To qualify for the position of post-doctoral fellow, applicants must have a PhD in Sweden, or an artistic competence considered to be of an equivalent merit or a foreign degree determined to be of equivalent merit. The candidate must have earned the doctoral degree not more than three years prior to the application deadline except under special circumstances. Heritage Studies is a multi-disciplinary subject area, so candidates are not limited to a specific academic background; on the contrary, we want to encourage anyone interested in conducting research in the field of Heritage Studies to apply.
The fellowship positions will last for at most two years during which time each fellow will execute his or her own research plan within the field of Heritage Studies. The Heritage Studies initiative has been running since January 2010 and the understanding of the research field together with the possible options for continued research at University of Gothenburg, has led to the formulation of four strands guiding the activities in Gothenburg:

  • ‘Globalized heritage in a decolonial setting’
  • ‘Heritage region West Sweden’,
  • ‘Archives, memory and the production of heritage’
  • and ‘Artistic practice and heritage research – identifying a heritage poetic’.

For more information, see

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