upcoming CFPs

15-nov-12 20-jul-12 media architecture biennale Media architecture Biennale 2012 Aarhus Denmark
08-nov-12 31-jul-12 Digital engagement in archaeology Digital Engagement in Archaeology Conference London UK
14-okt-12 13-aug-12 Nordic CHI Making sense through design WORKSHOPS Copenhagen DK
15-maj-13 01-sep-12 CAADRIA CAADRIA Singapore
17-apr-13 15-sep-12 Crafting the future Crafting the future-designer´s practice knowledge Gothenburg Sweden
28-jan-13 15-sep-12 LMMGS Learning in museums through mobile games and stories Vercors, French Alps
13-nov-12 17-sep-12 ambient gaming Second International Workshop on Ambient Gaming (AmGam’12) AND AESTHETICS (13) Pisa Italy
27-apr-13 19-sep-12 CHI2013 Paris France
14-maj-13 10-dec-12 FDG 2012 Foundations of Digital Games Crete
02-sep-13 08-jan-13 interact 2013 designing for diversity Capetown South Africa
01-jul-13 01-feb-13 CAADFUTURES2013 Global Design & Local Materialization Shanghai China
11-dec-12 ? Cultural heritage online CULTURAL HERITAGE on line – Trusted Digital Repositories & Trusted Professionals Florence italy
26-mar-13 ? CAA2013 Across Time and Space:Computer Applications in Archeology (sessions and workshops) Perth Australia
? Digital Humanities 2013 University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA (2013) Nebraska USA

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