“Best in Heritage” Conference @ Dubrovnik, Croatia, 27 – 29 September 2012

I am interested and impressed by the idea, an annual conference based around awards to heritage projects that have already won awards, a sort of "best of the best".The programme is here http://www.thebestinheritage.com/conference/programme/
I am still a little sketchy on their critieria but their instructions to the speakers gives some clues

  1. Describe your institution
  2. What was the history of the project: rationale, objectives, aims?
  3. Who conceived the idea? Where the support came from? In what forms?
  4. What was professional and social philosophy of your project? Is your project relevant for the national and community development? Does it help quality of living?
  5. What was the particular quality or innovation that deserved to be awarded?
  6. Do you consider your project being different from the others of the sort or better than them?
  7. How did your project work regarding human resources? Who was engaged and what were the experiences?
  8. What were the difficulties? Was anything easy?
  9. How would you do it next time?
  10. What are the experiences you would never repeat?
  11. How do you define professional excellence?
  12. Would you have any piece of advice for all who will enter some similar experience?

Please note:

Your presentation will make part of more than 130 hours of multimedia, highly interactive collection of the Excellence Club project presentations, at our web site and on DVD.

To stimulate quality of presentations and the attention of our participants we offer a prize for the best formal presentation.The winner, as voted by the audience present in Dubrovnik, is offered to present the project at The Best in Heritage Excellence Club, EXPONATEC fair (Cologne,Germany) at the invitation of Koelnmesse, comprising travel (any European destination), and board and lodging expenses.


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